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All of our vagina shavers are specifically meant for your most intimate of places. They are dry pubic shavers and require baby powder to get the smoothest results possible. Our vagina shavers were created to be so delicate to your skin that you can use them every single day with no red marks, irritation or shaving bumps.

The Body Bare® will not nick or scrape your skin and is approved for use around your private areas. All of our vagina shavers come with their own brushes, care instructions and a 1 year Manufactures Warranty.

The Ladyfair Double Edged Trimmer

pubic hair removalThe "Ladyfair" is a 115V rechargeable, high-speed, double-edged trimmer. One edge is straight and the other is curved making it arguably the most effective pubic hair trimmer available. It will cut through heavy pubic hair without stalling.

It is not for contact use on inner vaginal lips. Use the Ladyfair to trim before you use the Body Bare® vagina shaver which is completely safe for use on both of these delicate areas.

The Ladyfair cuts close and is ideal for shaping pubic hair into some fun shapes safely. Some of our personal favorites are mohawk, heart, diamond and "V" designs. The Ladyfair makes them easy to maintain and a real show stopper on a nude beach or in the bedroom!

The Ladyfair is beautifully designed and made exclusively for us. (Requires 2 AA cell batteries) It is priced at only $14.99

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*The Ladyfair is used to trim down thicker pubic hair, before the Body Bare® vagina shaver is used.

The Body Bare® Vagina Shaver

intimate personal shaversThe Body BareŽ will shave your pubic area closer, easier and most importantly safer than anything else on the market period!

The Body BareŽ vagina shaver with it's ultra-fine screen and rotary-head will leave your MOST intimate areas as smooth as silk. The Body BareŽ revolutionary vagina shaver is a second-generation, newly designed pubic hair removal instrument specifically made for those who Dare to be Bare. The Body BareŽ is a DRY razor. It is specifically made to be used after the pubic hair has been trimmed down to "stubble / fuzz" (it will not shave long pubic hair, we recommend using the Feminine Trimmer first).

The solid aluminum frame has a sturdy aluminum cap to protect the High-Tech pubic hair shaving foil and a handy carrying cover. The second-generation foil is thinner than previous product foils, resulting in even closer shaves than any other products. It does not bite, cause bumps, discomfort or ingrown hairs. This is the BEST VAGINA SHAVER on the market! It is one of our specialized pubic hair shavers that will not "bite"! It must be used with baby or talcum powder for a perfect "BUFF" shave.

The Body BareŽ comes with a cleaning brush, travel case and instructions.

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The Feminine Trimmer

vagina shaversThe Feminine is an ultra-fine comb with a precision head trimmer. Remove (down to stubble) fine pubic hair without painful waxing, tweezing or chemicals that burn. Battery included. Here's an easy way to get rid of unwanted pubic hair in intimate areas, face, upper lip and arms. The Feminine can also be used on men's back, chest, arms and ears and is perfect for testicles. The Feminine trims much closer than the Ladyfair and there is little to no chance of getting cut or nicked since the teeth are very small and close together. The ultimate choice for personal areas. Safe enough to make direct contact with the skin.

This tiny trimmer with its small trimming head, quickly and precisely shapes pubic hair into many fun and sexy shapes and also trims brows and neck hairs without irritation. This little wonder does not even contact the hair follicle. Perfect to use with our pubic shaving stencils. Remember, it is just a myth that shaved hair grows back stiffer. Use this amazing vagina hair trimmer dry, just as with our other personal shaving products. Plastic housing with an on-off slide switch. Uses one "AA" battery which is included. You get two units at a great price!

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*An application of baby powder is required for all dry vagina shavers and trimmers.

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