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What should you do with your pubic hair? Pubic hair tends to be a bigger question for women than for men, though I know I appreciate it when my male partners at least trim, if not shave.

Hair in the pubic region is meant to protect the genitals and help keep the area clean. Pubic hair helps keep the genitals cool, and it removes some friction during sex. It also makes people feel like adults, and not pre-pubescent children. Some people think that removing pubic hair makes them somehow anti-feminist. I would disagree, as long as youíre doing it because you want to, and not because your partner demands it.

The most common pubic hair removal method is shaving. Use a new and clean razor, and make sure that the hair isnít too long (trim the hair first if itís long). Take a warm shower or bath first to soften the coarse pubic hairs, use a shaving cream to lessen the chances of razor burn, and navigate your way with the razor very carefully. Itís not uncommon for people to leave a strip of hair (or some other design of your choice) to make them feel less child-like.

If this is your first time shaving, know that when the pubic hair starts growing back, youíll probably feel itchy and uncomfortable for a few days. Use a soothing lotion to quell the itchiness. After the first or second time shaving, it wonít be itchy or uncomfortable as the hair grows back. Also beware of ingrown hairs. Make sure you exfoliate or use a cream to help reduce ingrown hairs. My preference for getting rid of the occasional ingrown hair is to exfoliate for a few days and then take a clean pair of tweezers (disinfected with rubbing alcohol) and pull the hair out. This method offers immediate relief. Hair removal by shaving usually lasts a few days, but you wonít need to touch up for at least a week.

The Brazilian Wax (removal of all hair in the pubic region, except for a strip if you like) is my preferred method for pubic hair removal. The amount of pain you feel depends on your pain tolerance. The person waxing me over break told me that most people flinch as the hair is pulled out, while some others cannot stand the pain. I donít think it hurts much at all. That said, it hurts less if youíve had it done before.

If youíre self-conscious having someone ďdown there,Ē rest assured that your waxer doesnít care about what your nether region looks like. The waxer is only concerned with removing all the hair. In case youíre concerned about the wax itself, it wonít burn you; your waxer will make sure it stays the right temperature. Itís just comfortably warm. If youíre not sure about getting all of your hair waxed, you can also get a bikini wax, which only removes the hair along your bikini line, and you can specify how high the line goes. Waxing lasts 3-4 weeks before the hair even starts growing back.

Never use a hair depilatory like Nair or Veet: you will give yourself a chemical burn. I learned this the hard way. The bottle doesnít say not to use it around the bikini area, it just says not to use on sensitive skin. I donít have sensitive skin, so I figured I would be okay. I got a mild chemical burn in the most uncomfortable place possible. I got the stuff off as quickly as I could and suffered the rest of the day. I procured some aloe lotion that evening; 24 hours later, I was okay, but peeling (gross in its own right).

If youíre still not sure about removing your pubic hair, try trimming it. It will keep the area neat and hair-in-mouth-free for oral sex and masturbation; youíll reap the benefits of having hair, and gain some of the perks of not having any, while still feeling like an adult.

We strongly recommend the following two top rated ways to remove pubic hair.

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